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10 Ways to Build Your Resilience

Resilience refers to how well you can deal with and bounce back from the difficulties of life. It can mean the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. Resilient people tend to maintain a more positive outlook and cope with stress more effectively.

Research has shown that while some people seem to come by resilience naturally, these behaviors can also be learned. Whether you’re going through a tough time now or you want to be prepared for the next one, here are 10 techniques you can focus on in order to foster your own resilience.

  1. Find a Sense of Purpose
  2. Believe in Your Abilities
  3. Develop a Strong Social Network
  4. Embrace Change
  5. Be Optimistic
  6. Nurture Yourself
  7. Develop Problem-Solving Skills
  8. Establish Goals
  9. Take Action
  10. Keep Working on Your Skills

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