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24 March 2023

Hope you’re having a good week! This week the focus is the Growth Mindset. Hope it helps.

Emergency Warning Alert System: Testing April 23rd

A new government public warning system, in which alerts are sent to mobile phone users about events that may put their life in danger, has been launched in the UK with a nationwide trial planned next month.

The government said there had already been successful trials of the UK system in East Suffolk and Reading. A nationwide trial is set for the early evening of 23 April.

Mobile phone users will receive an emergency alert on the home screen of their device, coupled with a vibration and a loud siren-like series of beeps.

Growth Mindset


5 Growth Mindset Animations for Young Students

Developed by ClassDojo and PERTS. A series of five animated videos to teach younger kids about a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset for Educator Teams

Teachers who have opportunities for sustained, ongoing professional development that is linked to classroom practices are more likely to see meaningful changes in their practices.


What is a growth mindset and how can you develop one?

Discover what it means to have a growth mindset, how they can help you, and the steps you can break away from a fixed mindset.

The way we think about ourselves and our abilities can have a significant impact on our performance, at work, during studies, and in everyday life. Yet not everyone takes the time to think about the way they think and may make assumptions about their skills that can be negative. So what is a growth mindset? And how can it help us achieve our goals? 

Here, we explore the definition of a growth mindset, how it differs from a fixed mindset, and how you can work to develop a growth mindset. As well as giving some practical examples, we’ll also suggest some courses that can help you progress. 


Websites offering mental health and wellbeing support

Education Support – – a UK charity that provides emotional and practical support to teachers and education staff.

Headspace – – a mindfulness app that offers free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators and supporting staff in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The Wellbeing Thesis – – a UK-based research project that aims to promote wellbeing in schools and colleges.

MindEd – – an online mental health resource for education professionals in the UK.

The Teacher’s Pension – – a UK-based pension provider that offers advice and support on looking after your wellbeing.

The Teachers’ Lounge – – a UK-based online community for teachers that provides resources, support and discussion on wellbeing and education-related topics.

Maths and Cooking- Blog by Helen Hackett

What kind of cook are you?

What kind of mathematics teacher are you?

Two completely unconnected questions you may think.

This morning, as I’m engaging in one of my favourite relaxation activities (baking) I find myself using many maths skills (some estimating, some approximating, a little geometry, some problem solving and quite a bit of creativity) but beyond that, I’ve found myself thinking about maths pedagogy and some things I’ve noticed recently.

Employee Wellbeing

As a teacher or education employee, it’s no secret that your job can be demanding and stressful. With mounting workload pressures, long working hours, and the added stress of dealing with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the statistics around education employee wellbeing and provide some top tips for looking after your mental health.


While you work in schools you are likely to communicate with your students’ parents via email on a regular basis. While email can be a quick and convenient way to share information, it’s important to remember that safeguarding concerns can arise if emails are not handled properly.
Here are some important factors to consider when compiling emails to be sent to school pupil parents.

Discounts for You at Discounts For Teachers

You can find enormous savings with local and independent businesses through Discounts for Teachers. 

Awareness Days next week


27th March:

World Theatre Day

31st March:

Transgender Day Of Visibility / Wear A Hat Day

1st April:

April Fool’s Day

2nd April:

World Autism Awareness Day



Technology Support

As part of our drive to use technology more effectively within the Trust, we will be sharing some top tips videos. They are really useful tools that are for everyone and not just for in the classroom.
This week is all about Excel and Powerpoint.
If you want more help or support, please speak to your school digital champion. 


See whats happening on the National College website. This week is Growth Mindset 


Plus take a look at the CPD resources on our own website. We are adding to it all the time! Check it out here

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In the Staff Hub you can find regular articles created with you in mind! Along with useful information and links to your most used sites.