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9 JUNE 2023

Hope you’ve had a great week back and feeling refreshed for this term. This month we are celebrating Pride Month! So we’ll kickstart this newsletter with Andy Moffats No Outsiders Pride Assemblies:


KS1 and KS2 assemblies for #PrideMonth Please feel free to edit and use bits you want for your school. KS1 focuses on “we’re all different” while KS2/3 focuses on homophobia and the need to challenge prejudice.




The next Teach Meet is at Green Meadow on October 4th 5-7pm. Anyone can attend. Angela will send out an eventbrite link nearer the time. It’s completely free. It’s CPD, networking and cake. 
If you would like to speak please email angela with an idea of what you would like to talk about. You speak for 5-10 minutes. It’s very friendly and informal. 

The first Teach Meet was successful last night at Colmers Farm. You are all invited to attend, it’s not just for teachers! 

We heard about:-
  • how Makiton can help children in singing and music lessons.
  • the impact on pupils’ enjoyment of playtime through the implementation of OPAL ( Outdoor Learning and Active Learning).
  • ways of supporting pupils’ learning of modern languages.
  • how a teacher had founded Women’sEd to enable women from all backgrounds to succeed in teaching and education.
  • how IT was supporting the pupils’ learning, especially through the introduction of VR ( Virtual Reality).

Mindfulness v Meditation: Whats the difference?

Mindfulness and meditation are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they’re not exactly the same. Still, both practices can be intertwined as we try to become more grounded and self-aware in our lives.



Mental health conditions

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a mental health condition, or you want to learn more about different mental health problems, we’ve got information on symptoms, treatments, and useful contacts on a variety of conditions.

For information on topics including sleep, grief, or body image, our help and information page hosts a range of resources and tools.

Content warning: within these mental health condition pages is an explanation of each condition which is likely to include content that might be triggering.

Reasons why refusing to embrace equality and diversity stagnates development

In today’s ever-changing and interconnected world, embracing diversity and equality is not only a moral imperative but also essential for fostering growth and development. Whether in education, organisations, or society as a whole, failing to embrace diversity and equality can lead to stagnation and missed opportunities. In this article, we will explore why refusing to embrace diversity and equality hinders progress and discuss the benefits of creating inclusive environments that celebrate diversity.

The Big Half 2023

Join Mental Health UK on Sunday 3 September and take on this half marathon festival, with the first ever Mental Health UK team!

About the Big Half

The Big Half is a half marathon in London that follows a stunning 13.1-mile closed-road course, starting by Tower Bridge and finishing at Cutty Sark in Greenwich. The 2023 event will take place on Sunday 3 September.

London Marathon Events created The Big Half, wishing to reflect the communities it passes through. This half marathon brings Londoners of all backgrounds and abilities together, as well as people all over the UK in a celebration of diversity.

So while The Big Half features some of the world’s best athletes – in the men’s, women’s and wheelchair elite fields – and thousands of mass participation runners taking on the same course, it’s much more than a half marathon. It’s a community running festival and everyone is invited

Nearly half of working mothers surveyed have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. Here’s what can help

  • A recent poll found that 42% of working mothers surveyed were diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression in 2022.
  • Family mental health care tends to fall more on women than men.
  • Government paid leave policies, along with boundaries in the workplace and a reliable support system, can help alleviate the mental burden many working mums are feeling.

What is toxic masculinity?

Mental Health Stigma

This idea that men need to act tough and avoid showing all emotions can be harmful to their mental health and can have serious consequences for society, which is how it became known as “toxic masculinity.”

Toxic masculinity also discourages men from getting mental health treatment. 


SET’s top 10 education podcasts

Along with our growing selection of episodes from The Society for Education and Training Podcast, view our list of 10 inspiring and informative podcasts aimed at professionals working across further education, vocational teaching and training.


Awareness Days: JUNE - Pride Month

National Writing Day 2023

The aim is for as many people as possible to be involved, however they would like, so everyone who deserves it gets a thank you – and the whole of the UK gets together.

It is taking place on Wednesday 21 June 2023, and provides a great oppportunity to celebrate the reasons why young people write (as outlined in our research) and to encourage everyone to find their own motivation and voice. More info here:

June – Pride Month
12th to 18th June Men’s Health Week

26th – 30th June World Wellbeing Week

Tuesday 25th July National Schizophrenia
Saturday 30th July World Friendship Day

August Nothing!

September Sunday 10th September World Suicide Prevention Day



See whats happening on the National College website. This week is the research on childrens wellbeing in 2022.



Plus take a look at the CPD resources on our own website. We are adding to it all the time! Check it out here

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In the Staff Hub you can find regular articles created with you in mind! Along with useful information and links to your most used sites.