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13 January 2023

The newsletter is back! Full of wellbeing advice, educational tips, blogs and bits around the internet that we hope will help and support you while you are doing a great job within our schools! 


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Have you seen Excelwell yet? Do take some time to head over and browse the tools, there’s heaps to see and all created to support your wellness.

If you’re not sure how you’re feeling, try the NHS depression and anxiety self-assessment quiz. We also have links to a selection of videos below to help you…


Audio: Self-help for low mood and depression


In this audio guide, a doctor explains what you can do to help yourself cope with low mood and depression. 

Audio: How to cope with anxiety - a relaxation technique


In this audio guide, a doctor explains how you can take control of anxiety.


Blue Monday: 16th January

Some days are that much harder on our mental health than others and Blue Monday is heading our way. Having conversations around mental health can make all the difference to your people, but we know how hard it can be to get them going. That is why we have our Mental Health Advocates to support you when you need it most.

With this in mind, we’ve shared some top tips that will help you feel both confident and comfortable in supporting your team, whatever the day of the year.

5 ways to start a conversation around mental health:

  1. Ask twice. We know that people often say they’re fine when they’re not. So asking twice is an important way of starting conversations.
  2. Keep it cool. You don’t have to set aside hours to chat, 10 minutes may be enough, but make sure you aren’t distracted by phones or work – showing you truly care with your attention makes an impact in itself.
  3. Share and be honest. If you want someone to open up to you it can help them feel safe and understood if you share your own feelings too. Role model the behaviours you’d love to see in others.
  4. Approach the elephant in the room. If you know that someone has experienced mental illness – maybe they took some time off work recently, or spoke about it in the past – don’t be afraid to ask how they’re doing.
  5. The importance of YOU! Choosing to talk can make a real difference to someone’s life but it can also bring up difficult things that people may not have spoken about until now. Don’t underestimate the impact this can have on you as the receiver of that information, so protect your mental health by making sure you have the right frameworks in place.
If you would like to speak to your Mental Health Advocate and you are not sure who it is, contact HR 

Discount For Teachers

Happy Learners Resources – 50% discount on 1st year’s subscription

Remember Hazels goal...

Goal School primary school mat trust


ALL our pupils at the end of KS1 to be fluent readers.

Hazel is holding a working party session on Tuesday  24th January from 9.30am-12 noon in The Loft, where we can discuss the challenge ahead.

If you are interested in attending and feel you are an innovative thinker please email Hazel once you have checked with your HT that you can be made available. Hazel will provide supply costs for cover if you are in class that time. 

Friday Pulse: New Thank you!


When the questions open this week, you will have your first opportunity to thank people outside of Excelsior, as well your fellow Friday Pulse users!

Whether its customers or suppliers, stakeholders or interviewees, this is a great chance to show gratitude to anyone and everyone who has helped you and your colleagues this week.

In a study by Friday Pulse of over 20,000 people, feeling appreciated was the third strongest predictor of happiness at work and other research has shown it also enhances employee health and wellbeing. Benefits of gratitude are felt both by the person being appreciated and by the person saying thank you. It’s a fantastic practice that we can all be involved with.

All you need to do is add the email address of the person or people you want to thank as a recipient, write their thank you message and Friday Pulse will send them a Thank-you note. Email addresses are kept safe and won’t be used for anything other than the thank you delivery.

We look forward to seeing lots of thank you’s shared!


Here is a free course that could go towards your CPD


Plus take a look at the CPD resources on our own website. We are adding to it all the time! Check it out here

Staff Hub

When you’re next browsing the internet checkout the Staff Hub. Here you can find useful information and links to your most used sites.