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Lord Hunt, Baron of Kings Heath, visited Parkfield Community School, who after a recent Ofsted Inspection retained Outstanding. Lord Hunt was interested in how Parkfield deliver Oracy education across the school and how they amplify pupil voice.  

Parkfield Community School is a Voice 21 Centre of Excellence and Oracy is central to everything they do in school. It underpins every lesson every day; the mission is to ensure every child’s voice is heard every day.  

Lord Hunt held a special meeting with some members of Parkfields own Pupil Parliament. He met with the Prime Minister and shared with the group his experiences meeting Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister. He explained how important it is to prepare for such meetings thoroughly and complimented Parkfields PM and his cabinet on how prepared and articulate they were.  

Lord Hunt went on to meet the pupil Minister for Sport about the current push to increase the amount of time for sport in schools, and two MPs who are on the Environment Committee about their work.  The cabinet spoke passionately about the importance of their role in driving continuous school improvement, they participate in learning walks and pupil voice, as well as representing the views of their class in parliamentary debates.  

Lord Hunt was impressed with the schools commitment to developing oracy skills in all their children after speaking to teachers, including the Oracy Lead Amy O’Neill. 

Describing Parkfields children as, “Wonderful.”. He expressed his admiration for their work, “I was really impressed with the school’s achievements in such challenging circumstances.  Really inspirational.”