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Maths Academy

Parkfield Community School has many staff with additional mathematics qualifications and we work closely with the wider mathematics community to ensure the teaching and learning of mathematics across our region is of the highest quality.

We recognise there is a national issue regarding the recruitment, upskilling and professional development of teachers of mathematics, combined with a lack of teacher confidence in teaching the subject, time dedicated to maths specific education during ITE and the increased demands of the National Curriculum, therefore  in addition to being used as a teaching room and for parent workshops, the Maths Academy is used extensively for maths specific professional development – both for our own staff and beyond.   Our Maths Leader and Assistant Leaders are accredited by the NCETM as Professional Development Leads and members of ATM and NAMA.

Mathematics has always been a key life skill and central to learning in all other subjects, its importance is growing as our world becomes more technologically advanced and data driven.
“All those involved in the teaching of mathematics should be involved in lifelong professional learning, always honing and deepening elements of knowledge about mathematics and knowledge about teaching mathematics as their roles evolve and the demands of the curriculum and learners change.” (ACME, 2016)

The CPD we provide takes many forms, such as:
•    Open lessons & lesson studies
•    Workshops (full day, half day, twilights) on specific areas of mathematics and/or aspects of pedagogy, eg: Teaching for Mastery
•    Courses over a term or the school year, eg: subject knowledge development
•    Support for Maths Leaders and other school leaders
•    Courses for teaching assistants and mentors
•    Maths content for ITT courses
•    Maths courses for NQTs
•    Workshops and presentations for school governors
•    Maths enrichments for groups of children
•    Outreach – School to school support
•    Outreach – full day/half day/twilight sessions in other schools (bespoke sessions)

Mrs Hackett, our Maths Leader and AHT is also TfMastery Lead for Central Maths Hub, a Mastery Specialist Teacher and PD Lead, accredited by the NCETM and a Specialist Leader of Education.

The Academy is often used to host training events for Central Maths Hub.

The Maths Academy facilitates participation in various research projects with a mathematics focus.

During 2016/7 The Parkfield Maths Academy hosted teachers from Shanghai as Mrs H Hackett participated in the UK/Shanghai teacher exchange and this international relationship is ongoing. Mrs H Pulley, executive head teacher, participated in a Singapore/UK exchange project.   Over the last year we have worked with colleagues from around the UK and beyond and we continue to learn from each other as we appreciate the awe and wonder of mathematics and the power it has to change the futures of our students.