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Maths – Why bother?

Last week the law changed to ensure that manufacturers of white goods make spare parts available for up to ten years for all their goods such as TVs, washing machines, toasters, vacuums, dish washers etc.   The aim is to reduce built in obsolescence as we try to consider the future of our planet and reduce our carbon footprint. What’s that got to do with maths?   Well maths was used to create every one of these and it’s maths skills we use any time we thinking about how they work, or how to fix them. (Not to mention the huge amount of maths involved in thinking about carbon footprints.)

So if you want to shine a light on maths with your children, and encourage them to think about sustainability, ensure they see the link between maths skills and making/repairing things.If you want further inspiration, watch an episode of ‘The Repair Shop’ and notice all the maths skills used for each repair.Maths underpins all STEM learning.  Good maths skills are also required for skilled employment outside of STEM, especially as the use of technology including AI increases across all jobs.There is strong demand for maths skills in the workplace, but also just for daily life.“Maths is a basic skill that can be mastered by all children, with the right teaching and the right approach.”  (OECD)How will you shine a light on maths with your children next week? How will you ensure all your children see themselves as capable of learning maths?If you want to discuss the above further, don’t hesitate to get in touch.Helen Hackett

SLE, MaST, PD Lead
Mathematics & PD Executive, Excelsior MAT (P/T)

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