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What is No Outsiders?

The vision for No Outsiders is inclusive education promoting community cohesion to prepare young people and adults for life as global citizens.

The school ethos teaches children about belonging through lesson plans based on picture books and assemblies.

Children are taught there are no outsiders in our schools because everyone is welcome.

If you would like to find out more about ‘No Outsiders’ then visit the website here.


Eurovision scheme of work

For an overview of No Outsiders watch this short film

Susannah Robert Senior lecturer in Primary Education - Music & Drama

Thank you so much for your session this morning. It flew by and was so full of courage, resilience and inspiration. I know that the students took a lot from your words and will endeavour to embed their learning from this morning into their practice. I also didn't realise that you were still working in the classroom - I am so delighted to hear that; what lucky children to have you! We would love to invite you back next year - this is a session that none of our trainees should miss.

Dr Julie Pearson Senior Lecturer - Primary Physical Education I HEA Senior Fellow

You lifted me personally and professionally by your vision, value-led practice and courage. Our primary PGCE trainee teachers continued to speak about how inspiring you and your messages were, and I think you may have gone to the top of their list of speakers. I am sure some of them will share their words with you. You talk with your heart and soul - you have lived your values and had them challenged. You have shown humility in realising new ways of doing things and now offer this possibility of change to others. Being born as unique, capable human beings is a gift and it is that individuality that matters in life. You have made that come alive today. I also stand proud to be an avid follower of you and No Outsiders

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