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Strategic IT Manager

Fabian Olteanu

I have worked in children’s services for 13 years in both the charity and health service sectors. I developed my management and leadership skills whilst working for the NHS and moved into education in 2015.

At Excelsior MAT I manage a proactive and efficient HR service ensuring an effective workforce is in place to balance the needs of individual academies whilst supporting the delivery of Excelsior strategic objectives. I offer professional support and advice to colleagues, academy Headteacher`s and senior staff on employee relations and other HR matters.


With extensive experience acquired both in industry and education I was appointed as Strategic IT Manager for Excelsior Multi Academy Trust in 2018. I am overseeing the IT infrastructure development to provide a great experience for the staff and pupils.

I am passionate about pupils succeeding and I like to make a positive impact in their lives. What excites me about the Trust is the opportunities that it offers pupils to learn and develop, preparing them for a successful future.

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