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Maths Lead

Helen Hackett


I lead mathematics strategically across the MAT (through a team of maths leaders), operating from Parkfield Maths Academy, a centre of excellence for mathematics professional development, providing a range of outreach. I developed my leadership skills through my previous career in industry and have worked in various roles in education over 25 years.

Being passionate about ensuring everyone sees the awe and wonder of mathematics and ensuring our young people develop the mathematical skills and knowledge they need for the next stage of their education and for life, regardless of backgrounds, starting points, or any potential barriers, I ensure mathematics professional development is a high priority across the MAT.

I have additional qualifications in mathematics education, including Maths Specialist Teacher PGCE (Edgehill) and have worked with colleagues from Shanghai, Singapore and across all phases of mathematics education.

My roles beyond the MAT include: TfMastery Lead (& workgroup lead) for Central Maths Hub; Mastery Specialist Teacher (NCETM); SLE; Professional Development Lead & trainer of PD Leads for the NCETM; Maths-No Problem! trainer (& host open lessons). I work with schools across the region, the country, and beyond, working with leaders, teachers, TAs, governors, parents and yes, I still teach.

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